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At BioDescanso, we are proud to offer a wide range of high-quality mattresses, which are meticulously designed and developed to meet the specific needs of each type of sleeper and therefore guarantee optimal rest.

If you are looking to become a mattress distributor, we are here to help you achieve it. Our mattress brand is recognized for its exceptional quality and its commitment to comfort and well-being.

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Classico Mattress - Viscoelastic Classico Mattress - Viscoelastic
Sale priceFrom €412,00
Classico Mattress - Encased Springs Classico Mattress - Encased Springs
Sale priceFrom €514,00
Goya Mattress - Viscoelastic Goya Mattress - Viscoelastic
Sale priceFrom €427,00
Goya Mattress - Pocket Springs Goya Mattress - Pocket Springs
Sale priceFrom €531,00
Supreme Mattress - Viscoelastic Supreme Mattress - Viscoelastic
Sale priceFrom €441,00
Supreme Mattress - Pocket Springs Supreme Mattress - Pocket Springs
Sale priceFrom €551,00
Bolero Mattress - Viscoelastic Bolero Mattress - Viscoelastic
Sale priceFrom €411,00
Bolero Mattress - Pocket Springs Bolero Mattress - Pocket Springs
Sale priceFrom €507,00

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