Mattress brand for hotels

Your mattress brand for hotels in 3 steps

The collaboration between your hotel and our Design, Marketing and Manufacturing team will be direct. We like to know each project and understand the identity of your hotel to the fullest in order to offer the proposal that best suits you.

We eliminate intermediaries, and we create a direct collaboration between BioDecanso and your hotel; we create rest products for hotels in the simplest way possible.

The process

Tell us about your brand

Fill out the web form to contact us and tell us about your hotel and the range of products in which you are interested.


Our design department will make a mattress proposal for your approval.


Receive your products at your hotel. Directly from our factory to your facilities.

Our range of mattresses for hotels

Each of our products bears the "Made in Spain" distinction, as they are conceived, tested and manufactured by our team. As hotel mattress manufacturers, we have accumulated experience and knowledge for years, which allows us to provide specific solutions for the hotel industry. Our dedication is reflected in every step of the production process, and our commitment to quality leads us to formulate products that meet the needs of hotels and their guests.

Over the years, our focus on innovation has allowed us to evolve our manufacturing techniques and processes, staying aligned with the changing trends and demands of the hospitality market. Our design team is constantly working to improve our mattresses and adapt to constantly evolving needs.

If you are interested in exploring further, we invite you to contact our team. They will help you by providing a detailed description of each option, allowing you to make informed decisions based on your hotel's unique specifications and needs. Your satisfaction and the comfort of your guests are our main priority.

We work together?