Contract: Mattresses for hotels

Manufacture of mattresses and beds for the hospitality sector

The hospitality industry represents one of the most rigorous challenges today and we understand its complexity. In the professional field, we are clear about the crucial objectives to meet with our clients in the hotel sector: guarantee quality and results, both in the product and in the service. As manufacturers of rest solutions for hotels, we are qualified to design and produce a variety of mattresses, always ensuring high quality products with the meticulous selection of the best materials, all adapted to the needs of the client.

For hotel industry professionals looking to establish guest loyalty, start their own brand or stand out as a leading supplier to other hotels, we materialize their concepts into ready-to-use mattresses and generate success.

Personalized products for hotels and tourist accommodation

If you are looking for a mattress factory, we are here to satisfy your needs, whether it is to furnish rooms in your home, pensions, apart-hotels, hostels or tourist establishments.

At BioDescanso we specialize in being suppliers of mattresses for hostels, and we provide guidance to select the most suitable products for your establishment. In addition, we take care of adapting the type of mattress according to the needs of your clients and the image you want to project.

Our mission is to provide you and your business with first-class service that saves both time and money. We are committed to offering exceptional service from start to finish.

Manufacturer of mattresses for Hotels

If your company needs or is looking for an online mattress store or mattress factory, we are willing to manufacture the number of mattresses you need to furnish, be it the rooms of your house, pensions, apartment hotels, hostels or tourist and professional accommodation in Spain. We have viscoelastic hotel mattresses, visco graphene hotel mattresses and pocket spring hotel mattresses.

We are suppliers of mattresses for hostels, we offer advice when selecting the product that best suits them for their shared establishment. We take care of making the measurements for the mattresses

what you need We will provide you and your company with a 5-star service that will help you save time and money.

Manufacturer of mattresses for Tourist Accommodation

Beyond a simple service, we provide an exceptional experience. Thanks to this philosophy, we have successfully collaborated with more than 300 apart-hotels, rural houses and camps in the European Union. Our specialty is offering the best options in the purchase and sale of a variety of tourist establishments, always adapted to the needs and standards of each hotel.

No matter the dimensions or the size of the mattress, our commitment is to manufacture it according to your requirements, whether it is for your company, your luxury hotel or any type of accommodation. And all this, with the most competitive prices in the hotel sector. Our goal is to help create an unbeatable rest environment for your guests, guaranteeing both comfort and efficiency in your investment.

Manufacturer of Mattresses for Aparthotel

We offer mattresses specially designed for apartment hotels and Airbnb accommodation, with affordable and competitive prices. Our variety of mattresses is perfectly adapted to the needs of each client.

We guarantee an authentic shopping experience, since we work directly with you to understand your requirements or those of your establishment. Thus, we are able to understand how it works, the available space and the specific needs to ensure that we provide the rest and comfort you desire.

Our extensive knowledge in the area allows us to provide precise recommendations to our clients, advising them on the optimal mattress for both them and their guests. Your satisfaction and the satisfaction of your customers are our priorities.

Manufacturer of mattresses for Rural Houses

Find the perfect mattress for your rural houses or tourist establishments.

Our range includes mattresses designed and manufactured to ensure optimal comfort, whether in inns, pensions or other types of accommodation. We offer varied options in terms of construction, design and filling, so that you can select the one that best suits your preferences, with attractive discounts. Our mattresses are durable and conform to the contours of the body, providing ergonomic support.

Each of our models has been meticulously designed and tested, ensuring they meet quality standards and are an exceptional choice for people who struggle with sleeping and seek comfort. Trust us to provide the rest your guests deserve.

Manufacture of mattresses and beds for professional accommodation

Our mattress service for tourist accommodation is truly exceptional, thanks to the outstanding quality of our products. When it comes to mattresses, our focus is on creating beds and mattresses that are perfectly suited to the needs of each customer, no matter how high their expectations. We are dedicated to turning them into reality, providing personalized attention at all times.

We offer the manufacture of mattresses for a wide range of accommodation, from professional establishments to holiday options and apartments, both in Spain and throughout Europe. Our mission is to equip your flat, apartment or hostel with first class materials and padding. In this way, we satisfy the needs of your guests through our high-quality rest equipment.

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