Own brand mattresses

Manufacture of mattresses for own brands and third parties

Our extensive experience combined with constant innovation and our specialization in the mattress industry make us the ideal partner for your business objectives: Create mattresses with your own brand. We design mattresses tailored to your needs, always considering three interconnected levels: The requirements of the brand, the target audience and the evaluation of mattress costs in the market. As third-party manufacturers, we are not limited to just production; We offer technical advice at each stage and provide constant support.

We adapt our operations as manufacturers, taking into account various aspects: whether the mattresses will be marketed nationally or internationally, the sales channel (physical or online, distribution, etc.), whether the destination is the professional sector or the general public , and of course, the specifications of the mattress (type of material, technical characteristics, etc.).

Private label and white label mattress manufacturers

Our manufacturing strategy focuses on product differentiation. We create mattresses for brands with a corporate identity, always offering a quality private label. All mattress constructions that are part of our catalog are customizable in materials, designs, finishes, and any other aspect of the mattress. The range of products that leave our factory is very diverse: spring mattresses, viscoelastic foam, latex, ecological constructions... with all the characteristics that the mattress line defined by the client needs.

Distributors of private label and white label mattresses

In the process and development of a mattress brand we find different phases in which you will have our support. As suppliers and manufacturers of rest and sleep products, we focus on quality as a determining factor and differentiator from the competition. We apply the same principle also for the last step in the creation of private label and white label mattresses, distribution. We take care that the mattress arrives in perfect condition where you need it.

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