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We are specialists in viscoelastic mattresses and pocket springs , dedicated to offering you personalized products of the highest quality. Our approach is based on providing you with professional solutions, with exceptional attention and care to ensure that each mattress is perfectly tailored to your needs. We create innovative and unique mattresses, designed specifically for you, whether on a large scale or in smaller numbers.

We maintain our essence of a close family business. Consequently, we provide a personalized service aimed at medium-small size mattress distributors. If you need to contract mattresses to third parties in small quantities, we are here to help you. Ask us about your project and we will find the right solution for you.

The reference factory in the design and development of custom mattresses

Our deep knowledge and constant training make us a benchmark in the manufacture of custom-made mattresses. We have worked tirelessly to be a specialized factory, always prioritizing quality in our processes.

As bespoke mattress manufacturers, we strive to understand and assimilate our customers' brand identity, creating mattresses that are perfectly tailored to their needs. Our focus is on developing customized products, both in design and features, offering competent mattresses at factory prices.

At BioDescanso, we are proud to provide a comprehensive service to our clients, collaborating closely with them to achieve their goals. Trust us to obtain high-quality custom-made mattresses, manufactured with dedication and commitment, designed to provide exceptional rest and adapted to your specific requirements.

Viscoelastic mattress manufacturer

Support and Adaptability. Those are the two strengths of BioDescanso as a manufacturer of memory foam mattresses . From a global perspective, we think that we give less importance to rest than it really has, we consider it as a fundamental moment to be productive and energetic on a day-to-day basis. Knowing the type of rest that each person has, we have selected the best materials for each case, and with the support of our suppliers of raw materials, we create products focused on the different ways we sleep. We know that in the manufacture of mattresses for third parties the demands of the market are maximum.

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Manufacturer of Pocket Spring Mattresses

At BioDescanso® we have years of experience in the rest industry , which is why we are proud to offer an exceptional range of mattresses designed to provide you with maximum comfort and support. Our passion for quality rest has led us to be recognized as leaders in the manufacture of pocket sprung mattresses.

Every mattress we create is a perfect blend of innovation, craftsmanship, and comfort. Pocket sprung mattresses are the ideal option for those looking for a restful sleep and personalized support. Our mattresses are designed to conform to the unique shape of your body , providing equal weight distribution and minimizing uncomfortable pressure points. Every detail, from the choice of materials to the final construction, is carried out with an unwavering commitment to excellence.

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Manufacture of Latex Mattresses

In our activity as mattress manufacturers for third parties, we offer the option of choosing totally natural materials such as Latex. You should know that all our mattresses have already been tested and being able to select the appropriate composition depending on each type of client is a way of make a personalized and unique mattress. Our goal is that you can add value to your client, which is why we carefully select the materials and packaging of the product following high quality standards. In this way , by making a fully personalized premium mattress, you will get them to appreciate your products as something special and unique.

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Manufacturer of Upholstered Bases and Canapés

High-quality mattresses are certainly a growing trend, but as third-party manufacturers of rest products we don't just make mattresses. BioDescanso goes further, making available a wide range of rest products so that you can provide your customers with any product without having to search for different suppliers, facilitating your work and, above all, optimizing your business.

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We make custom mattresses

We cover the 3 phases of creating a custom mattress: 1st Design, 2nd Selection of materials and 3rd preparation. With the option of delivering the finished product either rolled up (mattresses in a box) or delivered directly open in its natural form, this way we can respond to your needs as a brand or company.

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Mattresses at factory prices

We can explore two development approaches: the first is to create the structure considering and focusing on the quality of the mattress , and the second involves designing the structure according to the desired price range (Target Price) . In both situations, we will present you a proposal adaptable to your requirements, evaluating the feasibility in both directions.

You will know the manufacturing cost of your personalized mattress, allowing you to carry out the necessary promotional strategies to position your mattress brand in the most effective way.

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Expert mattress manufacturers for third parties

We will collaborate to define your project, we will create samples suitable to your requirements and we will help you manage the logistical procedures to place your mattress anywhere in the European Union.

Our experience in the industry as mattress manufacturers gives us versatility in various contexts. The product alternatives are wide and we guarantee to comply with regulations, providing solid designs that pass quality and efficiency tests.

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