Our brand of sleep products

At BioDescanso, we have our own brands of mattresses carefully designed and developed to satisfy various rest needs.

If you are interested in becoming a quality mattress distributor with a solid track record in the market, we are here to help you achieve it. We invite you to join our BioDescanso family and embark on a successful path in the rest industry. With our mattress brands, you will receive the same level of dedication and care that we offer in each of our products.

Join the BioDescanso experience and discover how you can be part of our family of collaborators committed to comfort and well-being.

Viscoelastic Mattresses and Pocket Springs

In the world of mattresses, our mattress collection stands out for its unmatched comfort and exceptional quality. Not only do we give you the choice between memory foam mattresses, but we also invite you to explore our full range of options. If doubts arise, our team will help you find the mattress that provides the best rest for your clients. By acquiring a BioDescanso mattress, you ensure optimal support for your back and maintenance without complications.

A collection aimed at selling to the final consumer, both in rest shops and department stores.

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Upholstered bases and Canapés

Our line of beds is made up of a variety of products of the highest quality. In this collection we can find everything from profiled upholstered bases with aerators to upholstered canapés with large storage but above all ideal to fit in with any decoration.

The materials used have been carefully selected and their robustness and quality is confirmed by our designers and customers.

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At BioDescanso, we fully understand the importance of creating a bedroom that inspires comfort for full rest. In this equation, temperature, lighting, bed firmness and, of course, aesthetics play crucial roles. And it is precisely in this last aspect where a fundamental piece comes into play: the headboard. Our catalog opens the doors to a variety of options so that your bed becomes the center of attention in the room.

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Our selection of bedding materials is meticulous. Each fabric we use is carefully chosen to ensure optimum breathability, efficient ventilation and the ability to wick moisture effectively. All this translates into unmatched comfort during rest hours. At BioDescanso we want every night to be an experience of comfort and well-being, where your skin feels caressed by the quality fibers and your sleep is enveloped in a sensation of calm and balance.

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