Mattress Factory

We have our own mattress factory

We have facilities and equipment dedicated to the manufacture of mattresses, which allows us to research, design and produce unique mattresses of high quality.

Our flexibility and commitment to our customers allow us to explore various techniques and materials to customize mattresses to your preferences and needs. We take care of every detail in the creation of our products and work closely with our clients to ensure that their brands grow and evolve while maintaining their authenticity and innovation.

Quality is our top priority, and we integrate it into every stage of our purchasing and production processes. We know that customer loyalty is largely based on product quality, and we guarantee that our mattresses meet the highest standards of excellence.

Manufacture of mattresses to Third Parties

Are you looking for personalized and unique mattresses?

Do you want to create your brand with our mattresses?

Do you want us to manufacture mattresses for your hotel?

OEM Manufacturing: Manufacturer of custom and unique mattresses

At our mattress factory, we have the ability to create custom products and exclusive designs for you.

There are no limits to imagination and creativity in this process. We are here to accompany you in each phase of the project: from the research and development of new ideas to the creation of samples and prototypes, the design of the packaging and labeling, the final production and the filling of the product. We can even arrange shipping to anywhere in the world.

This service is especially useful for those clients who have a clear vision of what they want, but need guidance on how to materialize it. You can trust our mattress manufacturing laboratory to carry out your ideas. Whether you are looking for mattresses for general or specialized use, we are here to help.

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White Label: Manufacture of client's private label

We also offer the opportunity to choose some "out of the box" mattresses, customize them and label them with your own brand.
Private label offers less scope for customization compared to OEM or contract manufacturing, but the initial costs are significantly lower, since it does not require investment in research and development. Our customers can choose from a variety of models, different design options, and various features. In fact, the designs and technologies have been previously developed by us and tested on the market, which ensures their effectiveness and functionality.

With a wide selection of designs and technologies in our offer, you have the possibility to choose the perfect line for your brand of mattresses.

This is the ideal option for entrepreneurs looking to launch their own line of mattresses. With a minimal investment, anyone can get started with their own product catalog.

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Hotel Mattresses: Contract manufacturer of sleep products for hotels and resorts.

In our hotel mattress manufacturing process, we offer the possibility of developing personalized and unique rest solutions, adapted to your specific needs.

Creativity and innovation have no limits! We are here to accompany you at each stage of the project: from the design and development of the mattresses to the creation of prototypes, the choice of materials, the manufacture, packaging and shipment of the final product to any destination.

This service is especially suitable for our clients who have a clear vision but need guidance on how to bring it to fruition. Trust our experience in manufacturing mattresses for hotels. Whether you are looking for standard or custom solutions, we are here to help you create the perfect sleeping experience for your guests.

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Mattress Factory / Finished Product

We are Spanish mattress manufacturers with 25 years of experience. We offer the opportunity to distribute custom mattresses in different countries around the world. We work closely with our clients to achieve the best results in terms of product quality, and we provide personalized attention to each of them.

Thanks to our flexibility and versatility, we cover all the phases that our clients want in their projects: from the conceptualization and design of the product line to the manufacture and packaging of the final mattresses. In addition, we can also provide wholesale mattresses, which makes us a supplier of rest products for other companies in the sector.

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