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We specialize in the international distribution of a wide variety of mattresses , including options such as memory foam, pocket sprung, latex and natural mattresses. Thanks to our internal manufacturing process, we can offer a wide range of products, which is highly valued by our customers. Our approach is focused on satisfying the needs of international markets in the wholesale of sleep products.

Our mattresses stand out for their quality and are supported by an optimized distribution and manufacturing methodology, which generates successful and long-lasting business partnerships. Thanks to our extensive experience in the manufacture of mattresses , we have perfected our processes as mattress suppliers at an international level. In addition, we stand out as mattress distributors in Europe, giving us distinctive advantages in the market.

We are a strategic partner with direct B2B communication.

Supplier of Viscoelastic Mattresses

Among the Spanish mattress manufacturers, BioDescanso stands out as a wholesaler of viscoelastic mattresses. From our beginnings, the objective of BioDescanso was to be able to bring its innovative concepts in mattresses that would revolutionize the rest industry. Through the creation of its own brands and later with Private Label, BioDescanso grew as a mattress supplier, becoming a reference in Spain. Currently, BioDescanso continues its activity as distributors of rest products to rest professionals and also in mass market distribution.

We strive to offer support resources both online and offline ( catalogs, displays, promotions ) to drive sales , implementing seasonal campaigns and other business strategies to facilitate wholesale mattress insertion.

Our profile as a mattress manufacturer is complemented as suppliers of raw materials for mattresses . Our material distribution service is aimed at those mattress production companies that have assembly lines or non-specialized manufacturing, and seek to outsource product development. We can send the finished mattress , ready for packaging , or sell parts (semi-finished) such as cores, plating, covers, covers... This is designed for customers who have their own equipment and assembly lines. Our focus was on driving innovative mattress ideas that would transform the sleep industry.

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Supplier of Pocket Spring Mattresses

We understand the responsibility that comes with being a mattress supplier to our customers. Our communication is always open and two-way. We value the opinions and feedback of customers who are in contact with consumers and incorporate them into the mattress design process.

In the sale of mattresses by catalog we strive to provide excellent products and a professional expertise that covers all needs. We offer the online or face-to-face mattress distribution service, adapting to customer demands and geographical restrictions.

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Supplier of Natural Mattresses

The distribution of ecological and sustainable mattresses is definitely a constantly growing trend. Environmental awareness and new consumption patterns have given way to a public that not only considers what it acquires, but also who provides it. Purchasing choices are shaped by the values, philosophy, and identity that must resonate between seller and customer.

For those customers who value authenticity, genuine products and a committed message, we offer the alternative of natural and sustainable mattresses, with undeniable transparency and commitment.

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Supplier of Canapés and Upholstered Bases

In addition to suppliers of custom mattresses in Spain , we have also specialized in the distribution of rest products, such as Upholstered Bases and Canapés. Having our own production gives us complete freedom to adjust the characteristics to different markets. From this independence, we exhaustively analyze the needs to achieve versatile, effective solutions that allow us to be leaders as sleep distributors.

Our purpose is to be a long-term provider of sleep products ; with a solid trajectory in the market and in constant expansion towards new frontiers.

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mattress dropshipping

Dropshipping is a "new" business model. Where you only have to focus on the sale of the product, that is, you can sell your products without having the physical product in your warehouse.

At BioDescanso, we love this idea and, above all, facilitate the shopping experience for our customers. In this way we have a wide catalog of high quality mattresses that can be marketed through this efficient system. By collaborating with multiple suppliers and having a well-established logistics process, we ensure that each order is fulfilled quickly and accurately.

Our goal is to become a benchmark in mattress dropshipping, building a solid presence in the market and expanding our operations into new markets and opportunities. We would manufacture your mattress models every time you sell them. Our mattress factory would take care of sending your mattress directly to your client.

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